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Stars of the week and birthday celebrations 04/10/19

Stars of the week



Busy Bees





Dara F






Birthday Celebrations

we have one birthday this week and it is staff member Grace from class eagles.

News of the week 04/10/19


Danielle is back.


Busy Bees

Edel is going to a ball.



We got a new scooter.



We went to Mahon Point on the public bus.



It is Graces Birthday.



We did baking this week.

October 2019 theme of the month.

Our theme for October is food and of course Halloween.

Keep an eye out for all our spooky creations on the blog and in the gallery and check out our Lamh tab to see all the signs we will be using this month!

A New School Year

A big welcome back to all the students and staff of Scoil Aislinn especially the staff members who have returned to us this September. We are all looking forward to another great school year.

Our theme for this month is all about me and my family so keep a look out for all our fabulous art work.

Its fun to be under the sea!

Happy Easter

Funderland April 10th 2019

The whole school got to enjoy a trip to Funderland. Great fun was had by all.

Happy Mothers Day

A big happy mothers day to all the lovely mums of Scoil Aislinn


School Yoga

Thanks to Anne-Marie all of our students get a chance to relax during our school yoga sessions. They even get a lovely head and foot massage to enjoy the relaxation even more !!


Eagles go to Grenagh Farm

Happy St.Patricks Day

Happy New Year!!

A big welcome back and happy new year to all in Scoil Aislinn. Everyone has settled back into school and have been hard at work with lots of art and projects taking place around the school. Class Eagles have been especially busy getting to work on science projects and creating their own young scientists!

Class Busy Bees December 12th 2018

Busy Bees Visit Santa!

On Wednesday Ger took Class Busy Bees to Mahon Point on the bus to pay a special visit to Santa. Everyone was really excited to see Santa and his elf arrive nd enjoyed getting their picture taken with him. Busy Bees also went to KidZone today to celebrate Julias Birthday. Happy Birthday Julia!

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Christmas has definitely arrived in Scoil Aislinn.

All the students have been busy preparing their art work and decorations to be displayed around the school.

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Class Daisies November 21st

A History Tour

On Wednesday Brendan drove the bus and took Daisies on a history lesson to Beal na mBlaith.

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Star of the Week November 23rd

November 23rd 2018

Well done to all our amazing stars of the week this week!


John because he was so good on the public bus

Busy Bees

Kate because she is doing so well at her toilet training


Thomas because he is making such a good effort with his walking


Darragh because he was so good at Le Cheile


Joshua because he worked really hard this week


Rian because he worked really well at the desk this week

Newsletter November 23rd 2018

Scoil Aislinn News


Acorns went on the public bus to Douglas this week. It is also Louises last day and they are going to miss her.

Busy Bees

Busy Bees made lots of thanksgiving art this week including turkeys and pilgrims.


It is Melissas last day and they are going to miss her.


Dara broke both his ankles! Get well soon Dara!!


The Elf on the shelf has arrived in class Eagles and is keeping an eye on both staff and students coming up to Christmas.


Darragh was in the newspaper this week with the ugly sisters from the panto.

Class Busy Bees November 23rd

Squirreling Around in Fota Gardens

Ger drove the bus when Busy Bees paid a visit to Fota Gardens on Friday and enjoyed looking at all the winter vegetation. Busy Bees were lucky enough to spot some squirrels on their walk!

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Class Acorns November 22nd

A Trip On The Public Bus

This week Class Acorns took a trip on the public bus to Douglas. While there they paid a visit to the shopping centre and even went to McDonalds afterwards. Well done ion using the public bus successfully Class Acorns.

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