School Facilities.

Scoil Aislinn boasts: a Sensory Garden, Sensory Room, OT Room,Halla and Playground.


The School Bus.

We are lucky enough to have our own school bus in Scoil Aislinn which allows each class to have a weekly social outing. Our school bus also helps us to participate in extra curricular activities such as horse riding and swimming also.


The Sensory Garden.

Students love to go to the sensory garden especially on a sunny day. There is a sunken trampoline, a sandpit, some raised beds where students can plant bulbs, aromatic and tactile plants which students can smell and feel and a beautiful wooden swing seat where students can sit and relax in the sun.

In 2018 the kind people of Striker came and revamped our sensory garden creating a new exciting environment for our students to explore.

Sensory Room

The Sensory Room.

In 2018 our parents association fundraised for us to completely overhall our sensory room to create a more relaxing and therapeutic environment for our children to use. The sensory room is a wonderful space where students enjoy relaxing, exploring and listening to stories music and poems.


The Playground.

The Playground was developed through funding from Electric Aid and through the generosity of the family of a student who has subsequently left the school. There are swings, slides, a see saw, and climbing frame. There are number squares and snakes and ladders painted on the ground and a blackboard on the wall where students can draw and have some fun.

OT Room

The OT Room

As well as fundrasing for our sensory room, the parents association kindly provided funding for us to create a larger OT space that includes a climbing wall and an OT swing.  The OT room is an ideal space for the children to explore their OT needs and to work alongside OT professionals to complete their OT programmes.


The Halla

Here in Scoil Aislinn we are lucky enough to have a large sports hall for those rainy days when we cant access the playground. Each class uses the halla for their weekly P.E lessons and also for group games and parachute games. The halla is also used by the more senior students to do activities such as yoga and athletics. The halla is also home to our weekly whole school assembly.