Green School’s Committee.

Scoil Aislinn has a Green School’s Committee which is working on attaining its third Green School’s Flag for Water Conservation.

So far Scoil Aislinn has achieved two green flags.

The first flag was achieved for litter and waste, while achieving this flag the whole school gained a sense of responsibility for the amount of litter we produce as a school. As a result of this the committee purchased a compost bin and all materials suitable for composting are collected by the students on a daily basis. Each class has its own recycling bin, compost bin and rubbish bin. The whole school are involved in Litter Picking and keeping the school and its environs clean and tidy.

 The second flag was achieved for our energy conservation. While competing for our second flag we checked our energy consumption on a weekly basis and took proactive steps to reduced our energy usage. To encourage energy conservation each class was reminded to “Flick the Switch” on all lights and sockets throughout the day.

We have a Green Schools Logo “Be seen to keep it Green” and  a Notice Board which keeps all staff students and parents up to date.